Trina Brown, CFP®

Trina Brown is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with Allegheny Financial Group where she offers professional, comprehensive financial planning services to individuals and small businesses.

Meet Trina, CFP®, CSRIC®

Do you care about social justice, human rights, and the environment?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about your finances?
Do you feel confused about how to invest your money?
Do you worry that your unique needs won’t be considered correctly?

Are these things happening right now?

You don’t know if you are saving enough.
Your financial plans are on autopilot and feel out of your control.
Your investments don’t reflect your commitment to the planet and humanity.

Would you like to feel confident about the future?
Would you like to have someone you can call with your financial questions?
Would you like to finally feel understood?

If so, I can help!

I understand you because I am a part of your community. I worked in the nonprofit sector for many years, and my wife was a nonprofit leader until her retirement. We were married in our Unitarian Universalist church 25 years ago and we have been through it all: coming out, planning our wedding, grad school, planning for and having a baby, raising our daughter, and planning for her college education as well as our retirement. In between, we bought and sold three houses, took care of aging parents, and took care of each other through rugby injuries (hers) and various surgeries (mine). I know what it’s like to work hard and care for others.

I decided to leave the IT field and pursue financial planning because I could see that there was an enormous need for sound, practical financial education and advice. So many people I worked with made good money but had nothing to show for it but car payments and Coach purses.

Personal finance is my passion.

I look at your financial life holistically and help you create a secure financial plan. I take you through the process of setting financial goals and make recommendations for exactly how to get there. And I manage your investments, integrating Sustainable and Responsible Investments into your portfolio, so you’ll know that someone you trust is continually monitoring them with your best interest in mind. I’ll meet with you regularly, and you’ll be able to call or email me in between our meetings whenever you need additional advice or help with a financial decision.

If you’re still reading this, you probably nodded your head or heard yourself say, “Finally, someone who gets me.” Trust your gut! I want you to feel secure and know that someone who truly understands you is watching out for you. If you’re ready to feel confident about your future and create a financial plan to support it, drop me a message here.

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