Get Involved with Wild Ones!

Who We Are

Who We Are – We are a native plants-roots, member-led group. We encourage and support you, our members and other participants, in whatever you want to do reasonably consistent with our missions. Suggest something, and we are likely to say “yes, let’s”.

We Work with the National Office – The Wild Ones national office has a paid Executive Director and small staff which are very helpful and responsive to the chapters.

We are All Volunteers! Our chapters are all-volunteer and have the advantages of support from the national office, funding from a portion of membership dues, and a great deal of autonomy.

Our Chapter Leadership – Our chapter leadership now includes: Tamara O’Brien and Ed Wrenn, co-presidents, Susan Lorelei, secretary and webmaster and Michelle Stoken, treasurer

How You Can Help –

Become a Volunteer!

We are seeking additional leaders including chapter board members and hope to include many other volunteers to initiate and participate in projects and events of interest.

Areas of need and opportunity include:

  • Being an example to neighbors by how you garden/ landscape
  • Mentoring others with less experience and knowledge 
  • People and groups to offer tours of their gardens including as part of combined community events.
  • Internships by high school and college/university students.
  • Help with our web-site, social media and other outreach/publicity
  • Organizing and working on projects such as mostly native plant community gardens and habitat restoration including removal of invasive species
  • Organizing plant and seed swaps/fundraisers
  • Public speaking and tabling
  • Contributing articles to publications such as local newspapers, magazines, and newsletters
  • Developing educational programs for students and the general public
  • Collaboration with other non-profits and with businesses
  • Working on public policies such as appropriate local zoning and ordinances and statewide policies.
  • Helping the national office with member services and national initiatives
  • Please reach out to us by email or at our events with any suggestions or questions about what we might do together.