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Byron & Jean Black's Garden Tour

Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
to (Eastern Time)

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Byron & Jean Black's Farm Tour
Location: Washington, PA
Date: June 22nd
Time: 12pm

Chestnut Farm is a 90 acre historic farm that has been significantly impacted by invasive species and deer. There are ~3 miles of trails that are open to explore and range from well-groomed grass paths to recently cleared areas that are rough and in some cases steep. The farm includes a wide variety of habitat types including some magnificent oak trees, as well as black cherry, walnut, sycamore and pine stands. It also has meadows and early successional forests. 

We are working hard to restore a healthy forest (~75 acres), and large-scale pollinator meadows (~13 acres) with a focus on promoting diverse, sustainable and resilient native species. This is definitely a work in progress that will take many years to promote a sustainable landscape. Using iNaturalist, we have documented well over a thousand species on the farm.

Registration is required for all garden tours. Address and important information will be sent a few days ahead of each garden tour.

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