Host a Garden Tour

Considering Hosting a Native Garden Tour?

Hosting a garden tour for Wild Ones Western Pennsylvania Area is a fantastic way to showcase the beauty of native gardens while promoting environmental conservation and sustainable landscaping practices. This guide will help you organize a memorable and educational garden tour, covering aspects such as garden clean-up, safety, and engagement.


Does my garden need to be perfect, freshly mulch, well maintained, etc? Absolutely not! There is nothing more beautiful than garden in progress. We are all real human beings, with limits on our time and abilities, so do as little or as much as you’d like to prepare for the tour. We only ask that pathways are clear enough to be safe.

What if I don’t like talking to people? That’s okay too! You can choose to guide the garden tour, or do a “self-guided” tour. For self-guided tours, it can be helpful to have plant identification signs.

Will I need to promote the event? Nope! Our chapter volunteers will handle all the promotions.

Do I need to provide anything to participants? No. Anything you wish to provide is entirely optional. Some hosts may choose to provide beverages, snacks, extra seeds or seedlings, etc. None of this is required! Our chapter will provide name tags, etc.

“Maybe Next Year…” We promise that gardens of all stages can be beautiful and provide a learning opportunity for your fellow native plant lovers! Everyone started somewhere. Please consider being vulnerable and showing us your newly established garden.

Due our incredible gardeners, we are at capacity for 2024! We are unable to accommodate additional garden tours this spring/summer/fall. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to apply to host a 2025 season garden tour.